The Legend of the Fearless Warrior


The modern world is full of astonishing stories and mythical legends, narrating about the feats of the knights with unbelievable strength and courage, who are able to conquer countries and continents. And one of them tells a story of the fearless Warrior of the Good, who did not know mercy towards cowardliness and betrayal, and valued dignity and honor the most.

The Legendary Warrior lived on Earth hundreds of years ago. Saying that people loved him is equivalent of saying nothing. The Warrior was helping each and every single one of them, no matter their status in society: he would save them from the barbarians’ attacks on their houses, protect the villages, kill the bloodthirsty monsters and would come to people’s help no matter what the problem was.

The mothers would sing about him to their children when they had trouble sleeping, the knights would tell the stories about his strength to maintain the spirit and courage of the recruits, the women would dream about meeting the Warrior to give him their love and affection.

The Warrior’s strength was truly immeasurable, and fear that his enemies felt when facing him was impossible to describe! Hundreds of scoundrels and traitors were murdered by him on the battlefields, thousands of barbarians fell from his sonorous sword, and not a single person in the world could match his power.

Time, however, was not merciful to the Warrior. The hour came, when his strength had left the warrior right on the battlefield, and his sonorous sword, which served him faithfully and truthfully his whole life, had let his Master down. When he brought it over his opponent’s head, the Warrior’s hand had flinched, and the treacherous arrow, taking advantage of the moment, hit him in the back.

The Warrior had fallen on one knee, but he did not give up that easily – having risen with the help of his sword, he had wanted to rejoin the fight, but yet another arrow pierced his chest. Pouring blood on the dry grass, and trying to hold on to the rocks, the Warrior had tried to stand up once again, but was hit by the third arrow, which hit him right in the heart.

His companions had rushed to him, trying to help the Warrior, but his life force was already leaving him. And in that moment, whilst lying on the ground and staring at the bottomless blue sky stretched out over his head, his already stiff lips had suddenly whispered the last vow.

He said he does not want to be cried about, or mourned about, because one day he will revive again – from ashes, just like the Phoenix bird, but he is not going to be a human, but a combat sword: the strong, formidable and undefeatable sword. That he will belong to only one person, one who is worthy of such power; and it is going to be someone who is a stranger to these lands, who came to this land from somewhere far away.

The Warrior was not going to try and guess his purpose, but he knew that he is going to fulfill it, because his destiny is to change the world for the better.

The Warrior had whispered these words, and then closed his eyes forever.

His companions had buried the knight on a high rocky mountain, where not a single grass or a single tree was growing, but one day later a small green sprout broke out on the grave: strong and tough, with curved, sharp-edged leaves, similar to the little swords.

Every day it gained strength, growing more and more tougher, turning into a large and strong plant, and around it a wall of trees had emerged, covering the grave of the Warrior with their branches. In a hundred years, not a single person was able to find this place – to that extent it was covered from the curious eyes!

After all, the oath of allegiance to the Warrior was owed only by the person who had a brave heart burning in his chest. Only to him he could submit and be with him until the end of time, only that person could become the Master of the Great Sword that had absorbed the power of the fearless warrior.

Anyhow, after centuries, what had begun as a legend passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation, suddenly became a reality. In this world came a man who did not know anything about its laws, about its rules, nor in the methods of survival within it. Similar to a blind kitten who just came into being, he stumbled everywhere, and was getting himself into strange situations.

However, that same ardent heart was burning in his chest, which was capable of great things. But this is a completely different story…

Sergei Katz