Greetings, my great and notorious fan of fantasy, good literature, or just a visitor of my blog! My name is Sergei Kats, I was born in 1973 in Moscow, currently living in Israel. I am working in hi-tech industry for more than 15 years, generating new ideas with success. I love watching detective TV series as well as cooking TV shows, and I am completely useless in painting, however I write excellent books. At least I think so. ;)

Maybe, those facts are enough to understand that you are dealing with an enthusiastic and talented person, who is in love with his work. And very modest as well.


First there was the word

No one is born a writer – unlike millionaire’s children – one becomes a writer. The same happened to me: one day, I got tired of keeping my “savings” in my dreams: overflowed with ideas and voices in my head, I decided to take a pen in my hand and try to put them on paper. It ended up being not only cheaper than getting an appointment with a top-level psychiatrist, but also much more enjoyable!

My first book was an experimental product, and although it was difficult to write at first, later on it was impossible to stop me. It probably sounds familiar to you – when you get into doing something so much, that you forget about the concepts of day and night, mix up between a telephone and an iron, drink milk which already got sour, or forget to fix your hair. Sclerosis of a writer is even worse than the common one, however when everyone else is looking for the second sock all around their house, I am sitting in just one while obsessively writing a new interesting chapter. And no, I am not cold.

What doesn’t kill me, doesn’t kill me.

I work a lot, eat capacitively, but fantasize with pleasure: I have a lot of ideas reserved in my head that come from everything possible – they can come from a simple word, from a few-second conversation, from a short description, and even from a simple picture. But even geniuses have their one weakness: the stories that I write are impossible to read without them being edited first, as it is difficult for me to think of things like grammar and spelling when I am inspired in the moment. Thank god that my editor understands that and haven’t asked for a raise at this point. ;)

Usually I have a lot of options for the development of the plot: if for some reason I lose a chapter, I can rewrite it, but it is going to be different from the original one. It’s difficult for me to recite, but it is much easier to start anew; it is also difficult to write a beginning paragraph, and it is impossible to work without any music. Apart from that, I can come up with an incredibly insane explanation to any insane situation.

A little bit more about the habits.

When I am not working and not writing, I am consuming a lot of bitter chocolate, washing it down with cognac. Exactly this combination, as you may have already guessed, can bring yet another storyline to interesting and unexpected conclusions.

By the way, I love writing my books in the coffee shops, however if you were to ask me which street are the windows of the establishment face, or what do they serve for dinner, I wouldn’t answer: too keen on my work, I barely notice anything – someone can even rob the said coffee shop, and I will not be aware of it. Unless, of course, someone touches my laptop – this I will probably notice.

Basically, give a person an opportunity to talk about himself, and he will never stop. But it is even better to let that person’s books, as well as what that person does for a living to tell that story for him. That is why I invite you to the captivating world of good literature, where you will definitely find what you came for, and if not, it will be here soon!